Without a doubt, composite doors are some of the best entrance doors on the market today. However, as an installer, we’re sure you are aware that not all of them are manufactured the same.
Here at My Trade Windows, we supply two types of composite door that are suitable for domestic and commercial properties: Hallmark Panels and Distinction doors. To help you determine which is better suited to your project, we’ve created this handy comparison guide.

Hallmark Panels composite doors

Composite DoorsHighly dense, CFC-free PV foam cores ensure for a fantastic thermal performance. Independent tests have shown them to be 19% and 17% more efficient than solid timber core composite doors and traditional timber panelled doors respectively.

Hallmark Panels composite doors are available with chamfered or sculptured steel-reinforced frames that come in widths of 72mm or 56mm. Over 1500 RAL colours can be applied to the internal and external parts of the framing too.

A double rebate composite door option is available. This is great if your project requires better draught and weather protection. This also improves soundproofing and thermal performance.

There are 20 colour options for them. This includes Chartwell Green and Anthracite Grey, both of which are highly popular with homeowners currently. They also come in any RAL colour.

Fitted with hardwearing Glass Reinforced Plastic skins, they easily resist scratches, dents and other types of impact damage.

Winkhaus multipoint locks that are Secured by Design approved are fitted to them as standard. This allows them to achieve PAS24:2016, ensuring they offer incredible home security.

Distinction doors

Distinction door composite door in GreenThey are equipped with a rigid polymer sub-frame that is reinforced with Laminated Veneered Lumber. They also have ultra-dense cores and impact-resistant GRP skins, ensuring they easily attain PAS24:2016 accreditation.

Their high-density cores are protected by water-resistant polymer rails. This dramatically improves the door’s resistance to water absorption and skin delamination, ensuring they look great and stay weatherproof for a long time to come.

Distinction doors have been tested against solid timber core composite doors and timber panelled doors for energy-efficiency too. The results have shown them to be more than 17% efficient than both types of door. They achieve an energy rating of ‘A’ as standard.

By keeping out 31dB of outside noise, Distinction doors are a great option for homes situated on busy roads and other noisy areas.

They come in over 100 modern and classic door styles and any RAL colour, so they can be supplied in a configuration that satisfies any visual requirements.

They also come with 12 different styles of glazing. Plus, laminated glass is available as an extra security measure.

Have you decided whether a composite door from Hallmark Panels or Distinction doors is the right option for your project?

If you have, or if you require more information on either door, please get in touch with us on 01483 361152 or contact us online.