If you’re a regular installer of uPVC windows, doors and conservatories, you’re no doubt familiar with Spectus and their Elite 63 and Elite 70 window and door systems – two of the best uPVC profiles currently on the market. But if you’re not well acquainted with them, don’t worry, because we’ve broken down the key differences between the two, so you can learn more about each of them and discover which is best suited to an upcoming project of yours.

Significant differences between the Spectus Elite 63 and Elite 70 systems:


spectus-elite-70-ovolo-shape-min[1]Both systems come in a decorative ovolo shape, known for its aesthetically-pleasing, curved appearance. This sort of shape is a common feature of the windows and doors that are fitted on period properties and rural cottages, meaning both systems are an excellent choice for these types of application.

However, the Elite 70 system is also available with a bevelled profile option. This streamlined profile is flatter in appearance, making it an excellent option for new builds, art deco buildings and 1920s style properties. Because bevelled frames are slimmer than their ovolo counterparts, they also offer slightly increased light intake.

The Elite 63 is available in a chamfered shape. These appear less sharp than bevelled frames, so many consider them not as well-suited to applications where minimalism is key. Although, their straight-edge style still makes them a good option for when a more modern look is required.

Frame depths

The Elite 63 system has frame depths of 63mm compared to the 70mm of its Elite 70 counterpart, which means it has a larger glazed area. In fact, the Elite 63 system is able to accommodate 12% more glass than standard uPVC casement windows. This means it allows for slightly increased light entry, so it’s the better option for applications where light intake is of central importance.

We use the Elite 63 system when manufacturing our exclusive uPVC slimline windows (pictured below), although it’s also great for doors that make use of natural sunlight, such as patio and French doors.

uPVC Slimline

Colour options

The Elite 63 and Elite 70 systems both come in a selection of standard finishes. Standard finishes for them both include White, Light Oak and Rosewood, however, the Elite 70 system also comes in a standard Cream finish.

Both systems also come in an extensive range of coloured and woodgrain foils, allowing the finish to be tailored to an almost endless range of projects.


Triple glazingWhen used for window applications, both the Elite 63 and Elite 70 systems can accommodate double and triple glazing options from 24mm – 40mm. This means either system is capable of accommodating laminated and acoustic glass to suit the sound and energy requirements of various projects.

For door applications, however, the Elite 63 system is only able to accommodate glazing options up to 36mm, so bear this in mind if you require thicker glazed units.

But what about the similarities?

Despite their differences, the Elite 63 and Elite 70 profiles truly are two excellent uPVC systems. We’ve also covered their similarities so you can see exactly what makes them stand out amongst the competition:

Thermal performance

Both profiles are equipped with multiple chambers, ensuring either is capable of trapping huge volumes of heat. Both equally capable of creating comfortable interiors, either option can achieve market-leading U-values of just 0.8 W/m2k along with Window Energy Ratings of ‘A’.


Secured by design logoAs both systems are Secured by Design accredited, you know that either is more than capable of providing a leading security performance. Therefore, you can always offer your customers complete peace of mind, regardless of which system you decide to use.

Cill sizes

Either option can be specified to come with cill sizes of 85mm ,110mm, 150mm, 180mm & 225mm.


The Spectus Elite 63 and Elite 70 systems are both securely fitted with Post Co-Extrusion (PCE) flexible gaskets during manufacture, preventing any shrinkage from occurring as a result of age. No matter the configuration, every Spectus product we fabricate also comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee so longevity is guaranteed.


Another great thing about these systems is that they also appeal to the more eco-conscious homeowner, and this is not just because of their outstanding thermal performance. Spectra profiles are manufactured right here in the UK, which means travel and fuel consumption are minimised. Plus, they recycle all of their own waste and Spectra have pledged full commitment to ISO 14001 standards covering environmental issues.

Compliant with British Standards

Decorative hornNot only are both systems compliant with PAS23 and PAS24 security standards but they’ve also been extruded in accordance with BSEN9001:2008 and kitemarked under licence BSEN12608.

Full range of accessories

Having a selection of accessories available to choose from is important when catering to the more discerning homeowners. Fortunately, however, either profile allows you to do just that. Both options can be fitted with Georgian bars, arched heads and decorative horns, along with handles and other various forms of window and door furniture.


If you’re looking for a high-performance uPVC window system, you can’t go wrong with either option. Both the Elite 63 and Elite 70 are suitable for use in a variety of applications, including:


Summary table of the Spectus Elite 63 and Elite 70

Frame depth: U-value: Frame options: Glazing sizes (windows): Glazing sizes (doors): SBD accredited: Standard colours:
Elite 63 63mm 0.8 W/m2k Chamfered & Ovolo 24mm – 40mm 24mm – 36mm 4
Elite 70 70mm 0.8 W/m2k Bevelled & Ovolo 24mm – 40mm 24mm – 40mm 3

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